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Dockless scooters

Dockless scooters

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – News 2 continues to track the growth of Nashville, including the impact of scooters.

It’s a welcome change Nashville scooters riders like Paige Daniel can see.

“I think it’s made a huge difference and it’s made it a way better experience whether you’re riding on them or just trying to walk on the sidewalk for work,” said Daniel.

The change, about a month in, has required scooter companies to cut their fleets in half after Metro Council voted against a proposed ban.

“The ones you do see are parked more sensibly, and you don’t see any thrown in the street which makes it a lot better,” said Daniel.

District 19 Council Member Freddie O’Connell oversees scooter-dense downtown and Germantown.

He said complaints about reckless riding and obstructions have decreased.

“That’s had a noticeable effect,” said O’Connell. “I’ve heard it repeatedly that people notice that, that’s been a positive change for the overall environment.”

As that change evolves, Metro Council continues to work on its selection process called a request for proposal or RFP.

The goal is to narrow down the number of scooter companies that get to stay.

Hoping to be one of the three final companies to stay in Music City — reduced from seven to six companies, after Gotcha pulled out in early August.

That quest in itself, already reaping rewards.

“When they had fewer and were competing for one of potentially three spots in this RFP, it’s created more of a race to top than a race to the bottom,” said O’Connell.

Companies like Bird have been seen beefing up their efforts towards rider compliance.

“Safety is a key issue, but I think some of it is also that clutter,” said O’Connell.

Both priorities that O’Connell said will likely determine which scooters will get to stay and which will have to go.

O’Connell said by the end of the year, Metro Council should have an approved RFP process.

If that’s not the case, banning scooters could once again be on the table.

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