MACON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two new drones will help Macon County Sheriff Deputies with emergency situations. One of their main uses are to provide aerial views in case of a school shooting.

“We want to see what’s in the air and help teachers and principals see what is going on,” Sheriff Mark Gammons said. “Praying it never happens but if it does, they have a better vision to find the best escape routes.”

Sheriff Gammons showed News 2 how the larger $14,000 drone uses infrared technology to help spotlight people. The other smaller $700 drone will go inside homes and schools to provide an inside view. Deputies are responsible for the safety of eight schools.

Both drones were purchased through seized drug money.

The plan to use these drones were decided prior to the school tragedy in Texas. Sheriff Gammons believes this purchase will help them have the upper hand in emergency situations.

Search warrants will also utilize the drones, allowing deputies to see if people are escaping.