BERRY HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — After pulling over a recalcitrant driver with outstanding warrants, Berry Hill and Metro police officers exercised tremendous restraint with an uncooperative motorist who ultimately backed into a squad car and almost hit a Berry Hill officer.

It all began around 1:50 a.m. Thursday. That’s when BHPD saw a car driven by Jeremy Suratt in a gas station, backed in. According to the officer, the driver appeared to make a drug transaction, then drive off.

The driver ran a red light and the officer pulled the car over.

The driver was quickly identified as 36-year-old Suratt who has a failure to be booked warrant out of Nashville.

The 36-year-old was driving another person’s car. According to the arrest warrant, the older woman who owned the car was unaware that Suratt is driving it.

On bodycam video, you can hear multiple exchanges between the driver and police.

Officer: “The reason we stopped you is ’cause you ran that light right there.”

Suratt: “No, I didn’t.”

Officer: “Yeah you did. We got you on camera doing it.”

By the time the officer returned to the car, Suratt was inside his vehicle, windows rolled up and doors locked.

Officer: “Roll your window down for me?”

Suratt cracked the driver’s window an inch.

Officer: “Why don’t you shut off the car for me, my man?”

Suratt: “Why?”

Officer: “I’m asking you to. I’m asking you to.”

Suratt: “[unintelligible]”

Officer: “Okay, well you can shut off the car and open the door for me.”

Suratt: “I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

Officer: “Well you ran the red light, and I’m asking you to open the door.”

Suratt: “I know what I did.”

According to the Department of Correction, Suratt is an ex-con, arrested in 2005 for statutory rape, auto burglary and drug charges.

At one point in the stop, he threw his identification and registration papers out the window.

Suratt: “If I broke the law, I would tell you, sir.”

After several minutes, MNPD officers also arrived on the scene. It’s then that Suratt can be seen on multiple cameras backing into a Berry Hill police car.

A Berry Hill corporal attempted to break the passenger window with his baton. The officer struck twice without success as he backed away and Suratt jumped the curb, drove down the sidewalk and escaped.

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The Berry Hill officer reported the Toyota barely scraped him when it fled.

Because officers knew who was driving and to who the car belonged, they choose not to chase.

“First of all, the minor offense we had, he had shown his aggression to our officers,” said Chief Tim Coleman. “We didn’t want to put anyone in the general public in danger. We had a safer means. We had all his identification.”

Thanks to all the information Suratt provided, MNPD went to a house associated with the car’s registration.

They found Suratt there and he surrendered without further incident.

“Yeah, he did not show good judgment, a lot of people do that,” Chief Coleman added. “It goes back to good solid police work and great restraint on the part of all the officers.”

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Suratt was only facing minor charges of failure to be booked and possibly running a red light. After his actions, he was charged with serious felonies that include evading arrest and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.