Don’t lose the Booze: Nashville radio station hosts event against new transportainment ordinance

Middle TN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s been more than a week since Metro City Council shut down alcohol consumption on party buses and wagons. Now, a local radio station has started a campaign pushing for an amendment.

“I thought it was unfair to these vehicles because Broadway is a party area,” said Josh Innes, host of the Josh Innes Show on 105.9 The Rock. “That’s why people come here. The woo girls come here to party.”

The ordinance passed 33-3. It gives the Metro Transportation and Licensing Commission the power to ban passengers from bringing their own alcohol onto party vehicles. The new legislation would also punish operators for noise complaints, causing owners to pay a hefty fine and a year suspension.

“I think it was really, really rushed,” said Dustin Olson, manager of Sprocket Rocket, a transportainment company with party bikes and a party truck. “While I agree with the regulations, I think there should have been some kind of common ground…I think an amendment where it’s like, ‘sure, take the liquor away.’ I’m fine with that because I don’t have to deal with it. Just give us a beer permit and we can serve beers to them.”

Olson says Sprocket Rocket has already seen a dip in revenue.

“I’ve already seen people calling about it and some just not even wanting to book,” said Olson. “December is slowing way down because they are anxious or they don’t know if they should book it or not.”

iHeart Radio and The Josh Innes show have come up with their own campaign to bring back the booze.

“I thought it was hypocritical and unfair,” said Innes. “It was hypocritical because you could walk into Jason Aldean’s or Luke Bryan’s and somebody can get hammered, go out and fight someone and no one says ‘hey, let’s permanently shut down Broadway.”

The radio show host will do a live broadcast along Broadway Friday morning with a parade of party buses. The goal is to raise awareness and get city leaders to consider changing the ordinance.

“I would like to see an amendment passed and these people come to their senses and say ‘we don’t want to be the politicians that killed small businesses in Nashville,'” said Innes.

The “Don’t lose the Booze” parade will be held at 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. Friday.

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