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Donelson woman says dog couldn't stand up after coming home from groomer

A Donelson woman says her dog couldn't stand up after a visit to a dog groomer. 

Alice Perez said she took her great Pyrenees Lucy to the grand opening of Spot's Pet Supply and Dog Wash Saturday and later that night that she had to put her dog down. 

"She is my baby, she was my big lap dog," Perez told News 2 of her dog that was 12 years old. 

Lucy has been part of Perez's family since she was a pup. 

"Wherever I went she went she was always following me," she said.  

Saturday morning Perez said she dropped Lucy off at the pet supply and dog wash in Donelson to get groomed. 

She said she picked up Lucy that afternoon, but that she didn't notice anything unusual as employees carried the dog out. However, when they got home Lucy couldn't walk. 

"When I tried to kind of get her down her legs just went straight out underneath, her back legs, and she couldn't get up," said Perez. 

Lucy soon ended up at the emergency vet. 

"She had severe pain when he touched her back and that she was paralyzed and that she had sustained a spinal cord injury in the lower lumbar, basically our options were to keep her alive in a horrible state or put her down, so we had to put her down," Perez explained. 

Records from an emergency vet show that night read, "history and presentation consistent with trauma leading to a disc injury." 

"I want to know why I wasn't notified, I want to know why a vet wasn't called, I want to know, I want to know what happened to her," stated Perez. 

Perez admits Lucy had chronic ear issues but said that has nothing to do with a disc injury. 

"This has been really hard on me and my family. I just want my Lucy back," she told News 2.  

News 2 spoke with Dr. King at Elm Hill Veterinary Clinic. Perez said that is the last vet Lucy saw, in May 2016. Dr. King shared Lucy's medical records with News 2 and said in the three years he saw the dog there weren't any sort of spinal injuries. 

Perez said attorney Brian Manookian reached out and offered to help. 

"You have individuals who own these businesses who not only refuse to take responsibility for the catastrophic injuries and fatalities that they cause for beloved pets, they actively go out of their way to punish, bully, harass, and intimidate anyone who tries to bring this to light or have them take responsibilities for their actions. That's not going to stand here and we are going to make sure that they do just that in this case," Manookian told News 2. 

Perez said she doesn't care about money, she just doesn't want any other family to go through heartache. 

She also said someone with Spot's reached out to meet with her Monday afternoon, but she directed them to her attorney. 

Here is the full statement from Spot's Pet Supply and Dog Wash: 

We wanted to give an update that we have been in communications throughout today with Alice Perez regarding her dog's experience at our Donelson location yesterday. Our staff made the decision to accept the dog into our care for grooming yesterday although the dog was in both negligent condition and questionable health. We returned the dog to Perez yesterday and were contacted by her this morning that she... euthanized the animal due to extensive spinal injury. Our team stands by the fact that this did not occur while the dog was in our possession. We have requested the deceased dog's medical records from the veterinarian but they will not release the records without Perez's consent. We have also directly requested this from the owner and hope to receive this information to validate the negligent condition of the dog when we are slated to meet with Perez tomorrow. To date, the owner has presented a receipt from yesterday's vet appointment but no documentation of the dog's previous condition. Lucy the dog left in the same physical condition that she came in with the only update being that she was freshly groomed.

Thank you for your concern and feedback and we will keep you all updated on the progress of this incident.

- Spot's Pet Supply Staff



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