Dodging road rage this holiday season

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A record number of Tennesseans are expected to hit the roads this holiday season.

AAA predicts 2.76 million Tennesseans will be traveling, a 4.4-percent increase from last year.

But making it to those holidays plans means more cars, more drivers, and more chances of road rage.

“Any time you have lots of people on the roadway, out-of-towners, those who don’t drive a whole lot throughout year, you have some frustrations on the roadway,” said Megan Cooper, AAA Spokesperson.

Just over a week ago, I-24 in South Nashville became the crime scene of an extreme case of road rage that left survivor Andrew Vazquez with a lacerated lung and a bullet through both of his legs.

“I can understand people getting into it on the freeway you know. Whether if it’s verbal, or fighting or whatever the conflict is,” said Vazquez. “But nobody deserves to lose their life over it.”

“You never know who you’re dealing with,” said Cooper.

AAA’s tips to prevent that unknown:

“The first one is don’t offend,” said Cooper. “Simply don’t be that driver.”

Two, be tolerant and forgiving.

“People have bad days and that extends on the roadway,” said Cooper.

Three, learn to let it go.

“The most important thing is to not take it personally, don’t react to it,” said Cooper.

Cooper said ultimately, don’t let your emotions escalate a situation.

Let aggressive drivers pass you and take the high road.

“Be tolerant and forgiving, that’ll make the roads safer to get home after the holiday season,” said Cooper.

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