MANCHESTER, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Manchester man accused of killing his five-week-old baby claims the infant’s death was an accident. Testimony began Tuesday for the young father facing first-degree murder in his son’s death. 

Difficult testimony was shared and disturbing pictures were shown to the jury of Noah Clark’s condition when he was brought to the hospital in January of 2020. 

Gavin Clark was 21 years old when his baby passed away. The young father claims he tripped on a toy and fell down the stairs with his son in his hands.

On Tuesday, we heard from the baby’s mother who was at work at the time of the alleged fall. The couple went on with their day, filing taxes following her shift and the incident. Savannah Clark testified that she thought Noah was sleeping and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until they returned home. She told the jury the baby wasn’t able to fully stretch and something seemed wrong with his mouth, so the Clarks took Noah to the hospital where nurses claimed the infant looked deformed. 

“I remember taking Noah in my arms and yelling, ‘I need help get me my doctor, get me my nurse,’” RN Katrina Hill told the jury, going on to say, “His eyes didn’t look right, he had blood coming out of his mouth, he had bruising on both sides of his skull.”

Hill said Noah’s mother was hysterical at the hospital, while Gavin didn’t show any emotion. 

“He didn’t show emotion. He was very blank stare. I personally didn’t ever see him shed a tear,” she said.

Noah was flown to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where he was ultimately pronounced deceased.

Tuesday for the first time we saw inside the home, the toy the father said he tripped on and video as investigators walked us through his claims. An investigator said they found the father’s story didn’t add up. Manchester Police Criminal Investigator Jamie Norris went on to testify that they discovered bloody baby wipes in the house, that Gavin was arguing with his wife that day and that Gavin’s phone was found days into the investigation on the side of the road. 

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Testimony is expected to resume Wednesday morning with information from doctors and medical examiners.