News 2 has obtained the audio between Officer Andrew Delke and other Metro Police officers.  

“58-12 got one running,” Officer Delke says over his radio. The officer sounds out of breath. “Got one running. Male, black, long dreads. Blue button-up shirt. 54! 54-handgun!” 

Twenty seconds after that, Delke puts out another call. 

“58-15 shots fired. Suspect down,” he said.  

“Shorts fired, suspect down,” the dispatcher confirms. “What’s your exact 20?” 

“17th and Jo Johnston,” Delke replies. 

Video obtained by News 2 last week shows a black object in Hambrick’s hand. 

About one minute and twenty seconds after Hambrick goes down, another officer arrives on the scene.  

“You just passed me, turn around. Right at the corner,” Delke says. “He’s still down on the sidewalk with his hands underneath him and he’s got a 54 under him.” 

Additional officers arrive.  

“Responding officers, I’ll need you to block off 16th and Jo Johnston down to 18th and Jo Johnston,” says an officer. “Don’t come to the scene. Start blocking traffic and block residents.” 

Other officers are asked to go to the car Hambrick was in.  

“I just need somebody to get the car that he fled from that’s in the parking lot over here off of Henry Hale,” said the officer.   

The TBI and District Attorney are continuing their investigation.