Dickson family remembers Tennessee trooper 16 years after his death in line of duty

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DICKSON, Tenn. (WKRN) – July 8, 2021 marks 16 years since a Tennessee State trooper was hit by a tractor trailer during a traffic stop along Interstate 40.

Trooper Todd Larkins died on impact.

“He was my baby”, Sandy Larkins, Trooper Larkins’ mother said.

The semi-truck driver violated Tennessee’s Move Over Law which requires drivers to move over or slow down for emergency vehicles.

“We had actually had a conversation a few days before he was killed and he said that his biggest fear was being hit; it wasn’t being shot,” said Larkins’ wife Alicia through tears.

Larkins’ mom and wife visited his grave Thursday. He was 32-years-old when he was killed.

“No matter how many years out it is, the hurt is still the same,” Sandy said. “It was just so uncalled for. It just shouldn’t have happened.”

The Larkins family has spent the last 16 years advocating for and creating awareness for the Move Over Law.

Three years ago, Tennessee became the 30th state in the country to pass the Move Over Law. The penalty for violating the “Move Over Law” is a maximum fine of up to $500 and possibly up to 30 days in jail.

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