Dickson Deputy arrested for public intoxication to return to work

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Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe told News 2 Monday that Deputy Hunter Anglin, who was arrested and charged with public intoxication on Saturday night, is back to work with no restrictions.

Anglin will be on his regular shift Tuesday, said Sheriff Bledsoe. 

The sheriff said he is waiting for additional information for further review. 

Deputy Hunter Anglin released a statement Saturday explaining his side of the story. 

“There are two sides to every story, I have retained an attorney for the criminal case and civil lawsuit that will follow. I was falsely placed under arrest by the City of Dickson Police Department. I am all about full transparency, I confronted a male at the Cookout, because he was out of his vehicle yelling in the drive-thru, I told the responding Officer that I had a sober driver, because I had been drinking at the Predators game, but I was attempting to do the right thing and stop an altercation. The City police officer initially placed me under arrest for assault, which didn’t stick, so he went for Public Intoxication, due to my admission of drinking. The charging officer and the magistrate signing the affidavit are first cousins.”

According to Sheriff Blesdoe, Anglin has worked for the department for several years. He previously worked for the Centerville Police Department. 

Anglin’s employment status is pending upon a review of all information surrounding the incident, Bledsoe told News 2.

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