Dickson City police say body cam proves officers weren’t wrong in deputy’s arrest

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DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Dickson County deputy arrested in early April for public intoxication plans to sue the Dickson City Police Department that responded to the call. 

Gary Blackburn, the lawyer for deputy Hunter Anglin, says the Dickson city police arrested the off-duty deputy with no probable cause and the officers were out to get him. 

Through it all, the Dickson city police have said they stand behind their officers and they say the officer’s body cam exonerates them. 

The body cam footage from Dickson police officer Adam Rogers started as he arrived at the Cookout restaurant April 7 around 2:30 a.m. 

The police officer says he observed off-duty sheriff’s deputy Hunter Anglin approach a man standing in the drive-thru lane.  

That man told the police officer that Anglin approached in a threatening manner.  

“I am trying to place an order. I couldn’t hear. So, I get out. He goes, ‘you know how big I am?’ and come running up on me. I backed away.” 

Anglin admitted to drinking earlier in the evening. His girlfriend was the designated driver.  

In an earlier interview, his attorney, Reese Holley, said Anglin was not threatening, but actually cordial to the other man.  

Holley pointed out how Anglin tried to shake hands calmly and the other man refused. 

When Dickson city officer Adam Rogers attempted to talk to Anglin, there seemed to be a disconnect between the two men. 

There’s friction and Anglin often suggested that the investigating officer question others at the scene to find out what happened when the officer was trying to get Anglin’s perspective. 

On body cam, a portion of the interaction between the two men sounds like this: 

Anglin: “He hopped out of his car.” 

Rogers: “OK” 

Anglin: “And he’s yelling at the people.” 

Rogers: “Was he in front of you in the line?” 

Anglin: “Yes, he was. If you would like to know what happened, talk to them.” 

Rogers: “If you are a police officer, do you not think that I need to talk to you because you are the one involved?” 

Anglin: yeah. 

Rogers: “Where are you a police officer at?” 

Anglin: Dickson County. 

Rogers. “Dickson County?”  

Anglin: “Yes sir. I am going to talk to (chief) Jeff Lewis about you and her tomorrow. We weren’t doing anything.” 

Rogers: “I didn’t say you were doing anything.” 

Anglin: “That’s fine.” 

Rogers: I did see you approach him though. Did I not? Am I making that up?” 

Anglin: “He got out and he started to…” 

Rogers: You are missing the point. I am not trying to be rude to you, I’m just saying.”  

Anglin: “I’m not trying to be rude to you.” 

Anglin: “Have I gave you any problem at all?” 

Rogers: “Yeah you have.” 

Anglin: Really?  

Rogers: “He won’t talk to me cause he’s a Dickson County deputy and he’s pissed at me because I was questioning him.” 

Anglin: “He hopped out of the car. You never asked me my story.” 

Rogers: I was trying to. I tried to three times and you said go talk to them. That’s what you told me. You said go talk to them.” 

After talking to all parties, the deputy was arrested. 

On tape Anglin said; “He got out of his car and started throwing his hands up. You talk to him. If you want to arrest me, I wish you would.” 

Another Dickson city officer said, “You are one of us and you are talking to us like that we are doing our job.” 

Hunter Anglin has retained a lawyer out of Nashville who tells me he plans to file a federal lawsuit against the city of Dickson.  

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