NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The future of the Nashville fairgrounds is still up in the air, even after the mayor and the Nashville Soccer Club agreed to build a stadium there.

‘Save Our Fairgrounds’ is taking legal action to stop construction on the stadium, making their first appearance in court Friday.

“The fairgrounds is a historic property, it’s been used as a fairgrounds for over a hundred years, and we’re gonna destroy that for MLS soccer?” Save Our Fairgrounds Attorney Jim Roberts told News 2.

Save Our Fairgrounds attorney Jim Roberts says the soccer stadium deal is corrupt—and he’s taking the city to court to stop it.

In the motion to intervene, a judge approved Metro’s request to add the construction company Walsh Management and Nashville Soccer Holdings to their case.

“Adding us, we’re closely aligned with Metro you know to build the soccer stadium, so it really makes sense for us to work with them to defend the case,” Zach Hunt, a spokesperson for Nashville Soccer Club, told News 2 after the hearing.

Roberts reacted, “Now we have a room full of really high paid lawyers from Chicago, from Nashville, they’re really ganging up on us,” he said.

Metro’s representative claims that MLS agreed to give Nashville a team based on building a stadium at the fairgrounds, but that’s a document they’ve asked to keep sealed.

“To keep that document secret from the public just shows you how corrupt this deal really is. There shouldn’t be anything about this deal that’s hidden from the public,” Roberts explained.

Roberts also claims that Nissan Stadium was built for an NFL team as well as a soccer team, but as of right now, Metro says their deal with MLS requires construction to start by the end of March and that means demolishing now.

“There’s nothing to keep that from happening, currently,” Hunt said, “We’re looking forward, excited, excited for the future for soccer, and soccer at the fairgrounds.”

Roberts plans to file a motion for an injunction next week, asking the judge to legally allow the public to vote before this stadium goes up.

The trial is set to start on June 4.