LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Wilson County authorities are on the lookout for the “Deadpool Bandit,” a man who terrorized a store clerk with an assault weapon.

It happened November 15, around 9:30 p.m. at the Dollar General in the 10500 block of Murfreesboro Road on the Wilson-Rutherford County line.

It is there that a man wearing a Halloween mask and clutching an assault weapon burst through the door and demanded the cash.

Store video shows the “Deadpool Bandit” entering the store.

He was covered from head to toe with gloves and a dark hoodie. The thief was wearing a Deadpool mask, made popular by the hit Marvel movie.

The man, described as about 6 feet tall and 185 pounds, is holding what the clerk initially describes as an AK-47 in his right hand.

Det. Sgt. Walker Woods of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said it is hard to know exactly what kind of long gun it is, but he says it is authentic.

“We believe it to be an assault rifle. It was reported to us as an AK-47, but it is difficult to tell from the quality of the video we have. But we do believe it to be a legit weapon,” Det. Sgt. Woods said.

Store surveillance showed the Deadpool Bandit demanding the money from the clerk and then leaving on foot.

No car was seen in the parking lot.

“In our investigation, we did find some tire tracks nearby that we believe could be associated with it. So, naturally, we have taken measurements of those in the event we develop a suspect we can follow up on that and get measurements from a suspect vehicle,” Det. Sgt. Woods said.

News 2 obtained the 911 call from the store.

The first woman who talked to the dispatchers was a co-worker who was in the back stocking when the Deadpool Bandit entered.

Clerk: “We just got robbed. He had an AK-47. It looked like a big…”

911: “Ma’am, is anyone injured?”

Clerk: “No one is injured. He came in and grabbed my coworker.”

A second dispatcher then came online.

911: “Is he on foot or in a car?”

Clerk: “He is on foot. He came in with a big gun. He is real tall. It was about as long as his leg.

Then the dispatcher talked to the woman who encountered the Deadpool Bandit.

911: “Are you ok?”

Clerk: “I’m ok. I’m good. I done what he told me to do. He hugged me, then left. He spoke softly. So, I assume he was young.”

News 2 asks Det. Sgt. Woods about the unusual act during a robbery.

“Yes, toward the end, and I don’t know if this was a matter of trying to put her at ease, trying to make her think her safety was not in jeopardy. But he puts his arm around her at the end of the transaction and he says thank you,” Det. Sgt. Woods said.

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Deputies ask anyone who has any information in this case to give them a call.

The sheriff’s department tells News 2, so far, there have been no other reported sightings of the Deadpool Bandit.