LA VERGNE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Day 3 of the search for 38-year-old John Drake Jr., son of Nashville Police Chief John Drake, concluded with more questions than answers. 

On Monday morning, City of La Vergne officials said they have exhausted all search efforts and no longer believe Drake Jr. is in the area. 

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News 2 confirmed several of Drake Jr.’s prior charges, including a Class C felony, after he was accused of strangling a woman until she lost consciousness back in 2017. He also had multiple prior domestic assault guilty verdicts. 

Despite officials’ doubts about Drake Jr. still being in the area, security consultant JC Shegog warned neighbors to stay vigilant. Shegog is a former police officer, Army veteran, and has done contract work with the Department of Defense. 

“Someone could have assisted him in getting away or he could have slipped through the cracks because it’s not fool proof. It’s not 100%,” Shegog said. “The fact that he’s already shown a violent tendency, there won’t be any consideration given unless he completely gives up. Any resistance will be taken like his previous actions, and they will respond accordingly.” 

Shegog explained drones and choppers used to help search for Drake Jr. are not perfect, and he could find ways to still evade police.  

“If this person has any savvy about them, any outdoorsman skills, then they could learn how to get into certain trenches, water,” Shegog said. 

One neighbor recalled watching Saturday’s line of events unfold, and said she won’t be able to rest easy until Drake Jr. is captured.  

“Going down towards the Dollar General, it was just like all these cars kind of just like parked and kind of going craz,y and then there were people running and things like that…then I did see the two policemen down on the ground, and then there were like two, at the time, patrol people tending to them,” neighbor Kaitlin Oliver said. “I hope they catch them and do what’s right just so everybody can, you know, breathe and feel safe.” 

Until Drake Jr. is found, Shegog urges all neighbors to keep a watchful eye and check any outdoor areas, such as sheds and under decks, where someone could hide. 

“It’s better to be wrong than to be right. You know, if you want to be able to move about safely, this person has already shown himself to be violent and they are desperate at this point. We don’t want any hostages or anything like that, so pay attention to your surroundings,” Shegog said. 

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Drake Jr. has been added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Most Wanted List and is believed to be armed and dangerous. A $2,500 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. 

If you see any signs of Drake, call 911 right away.  

An updated statement from Chief Drake reads:

“I continue to pray for the full recovery of the two La Vergne officers and hope for the safe apprehension of my son so that he can be held accountable. Anyone who sees him should notify law enforcement.”