TULLAHOMA, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Coffee County District Attorney has followed through on his threat to file a judicial ouster of a Tullahoma alderman. 

Craig Northcott, the District Attorney for the 14th Judicial District, which covers all of Coffee County, filed a petition for a writ of quo warrant against Jenna Amacher in Coffee County Chancery Court, alleging she has “lost her position” as a Tullahoma elected official by residing outside the city limits.

In his filing, Northcott said Amacher effectively and statutorily vacated her office six months after she was elected and has not held any aldermanic authority since that time.  

While she resided in the Macon Manor neighborhood in Tullahoma at the time of her election in August of 2020, Northcott claimed Amacher sold that residence in February of 2021, moving from the city limits to a Blue Creek Road home, which is in “an unincorporated area of Franklin County.” 

Portions of Tullahoma are in Franklin County and carry a Tullahoma ZIP code, but the Blue Creek Road residence lies outside the corporate limits of Tullahoma, the filing claims. 

Because she now resides outside the city limits, Northcott argued in court documents, Amacher has vacated her position, citing two separate sections of the Tullahoma city charter. 

“Having sold her only residence within the City of Tullahoma and removing her primary place of abode from the City of Tullahoma, by operation of law and the plain language of the Charter of City of Tullahoma, Tennessee, Respondent [Amacher] has vacated her position as alderman for the City of Tullahoma and forfeited her right to exercise the power of its office,” Northcott’s filing reported. 

Section 3 of the Tullahoma charter states anyone serving as an alderman must be a “bona fide resident of the city for which he is elected” and anyone serving as alderman “after his election removing from the city, thereby vacates his said office,” Northcott said in his filing. 

Further, Northcott claimed, Amacher “cannot reclaim the position by returning to Tullahoma but can only regain such position by election or, in limited circumstances, appointment.” 

The District Attorney said more than 250 Tullahoma residents filed a petition alleging official misconduct to his office in early October. He attached a copy of the petition, as well as property records for the Blue Creek Road and Macon Manor residences and the relevant section of the Tullahoma charter as evidence in his filing. 

Northcott has asked the Chancery Court to grant the petition declaring her “unfit to serve as alderman due to her removing herself from the City of Tullahoma,” expedited discovery and trial schedule and for Amacher to reimburse all reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. 

In a statement to WKRN, Amacher said she intended to “fight against any and all abuse of power.”

“I believe justice will prevail,” she said.