RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – First responders in Rutherford County are preparing for another round of impactful weather, just a week after dealing with two winter storms.

Rutherford County Public Safety Director Chris Clark said their crews are very familiar with handling flooding issues.

“We always have our target points, we have our swift water teams that are on the ready, they have a lot of practice like this, because flooding is one our biggest issues this time of year. We have teams and equipment in place and they are ready to go,” said Clark.

He said they urge people to use caution when driving.

“Most of those residents are very familiar with those areas that are low spots, so they avoid it. It’s the people that travel through those areas that are not from those areas that have the problem,” Clark said.

“The federal government has a logo turn around don’t drown, and we want people to heed that precaution and don’t go through water they can’t see the roadway.”

He said crews are monitoring weather conditions and making sure their equipment are in good shape to keep the public safe.