NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s been 14 days since Ailie Green tested positive for coronavirus.

“I actually was not private about this at all,” Green said.

Green said her symptoms were abnormal to what the CDC has discussed. If it weren’t for a coworker at Vanderbilt’s Psychiatric Hospital being tested, Green said her sore throat would’ve probably gone longer without a diagnosis.

“I’ve had no cough, I’ve had no fever, I’ve had no shortness of breath,” Green said.

So that’s why Green felt it was important to let her friends and family know, they needed to get tested if they were seeing any signs of illness.

“I was really open about the experience and it was met with a lot of curiosity and supportive messages,” Green said.

Green said it’s been quite difficult to self-isolate for fear that she still may be contagious. With her roommate, boyfriend and family nearby, they’ve still been hesitant to see her in person yet.

“I’m definitely going to be really mindful. I think about physical affection for a long time, like can I give a hug?” Green said.

Green said she knows fear is linked to social stigmas, but she never thought about how it would be following COVID-19.

“So it does kind of feel like I’m walking around with a scarlet letter so to speak,” Green said.

As more information about the after effects of COVID-19 continue to be released, Green hopes it gives people a sense of certainty and safety. But due to the uncertainty, she remains self-isolated at home.

Green is hoping to be cleared for work soon so she can resume a normal routine as a social worker.