Couple who found hiker says he was waving his shirt on a stick

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) —  Wallace “Buzz” Carter was found by 2 volunteers on private property about 5 miles away from where the command post was set up at Beaman Park, off of Little Marrowbone Road. 

“It was surprising that we just drove up on him like we did,” Jeremy Ford told News 2. 

It was a post about the missing hiker on Facebook that led Ford and his fiancé Ryan Perry to search.  

“Something kept telling us to go look,” they said. 

The two entered from a friends property, an area they know well, on their UTV. About an hour into their search, in a heavily wooded area, they saw the 67-year-old hiker sitting down, waving his shirt on a stick in the air. 

“Like he was surrendering, trying to get someone’s attention. He stated that he was trying to flag down a helicopter that he’d seen flying around, but there is no way he could have been found where he was sitting,” Perry explained. 

The couple said he was pale and obviously dehydrated, but that he was surprisingly in decent condition. 

“When we got up to him I tried to help him up, but he actually got up on his own. He was like no I’m good, I’m good.” 

Alert and talking, Carter was eager to text his wife and told the couple he simply got lost after going on a hike Saturday.

“He said that he was going off the trails to look at where they were going to put new trails in, I believe at the park and he just got turned around.”

The three squeezed into their UTV where the couple says Carter quickly drank three bottles of water and ate a chocolate Rice Krispie. 

The couple drove Carter on their UTV to meet rescue crews. He was then taken to a hospital for treatment. 

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