NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Several property owners in Davidson County are sounding the alarm of a potential scam letter that falsely accuses them of owing extra in taxes. The property assessor’s office says they’re aware and are warning residents to stay on guard.

Davidson County Assessor of Property Vivian Wilhoite said she was first alerted of the scam after a property owner sent her a text with a copy of the fake letter, which was followed by an email from another property owner. Now phones at the Office of the Assessor of Property are ringing off the hook from numerous calls regarding the scam letter. 

Wilhoite said people of all ages and even some with advanced degrees are falling for the scam letter because it looks official, but she added there are a number of red flags to look out for. 

“There are a number of red flags that cause concern,” said Wilhoite, “For one, the scam letter closely resembles the Notice of Informal Review my office sends out this time of year to inform property owners of our Informal Review decisions.”

The property assessor is also asking residents to take a closer look at the address listed on the fake letter which requests them to send money to an address in St. Petersburg, Florida. Wilhoite says the Nashville address referenced in the scam letter doesn’t exist, and her office will never request tax payment. 

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“We do not want property owners to be confused and become victims, thinking that the Office of the Assessor of Property is requesting any type of payment,” said Wilhoite, “The Office of the Assessor of Property does not accept any type of tax payment.” 

Wilhoite plans to report this scam to law enforcement and hopes it won’t cause confusion with the appraisal decision her office is expected to send out soon.