HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A warning is being sent from Hendersonville police for residents to be on the lookout for more funny money hitting area streets.

Just two weeks into this new year, Hendersonville police have worked two different counterfeiting operations.

Last week, it was $100 bills in movie money being passed around town.

Now, it’s whitewashed legal tender.

According to HPD, it all started with an LPR hit Jan. 9 on a stolen Volvo out of Cheatham County.

When officers surrounded the car in an Indian Lake shopping center, they found 40-year-old Robert Warner in the passenger seat.

Robert Warner (HPD)

He was arrested and charged with criminal simulation, simple possession and drug paraphernalia.

The driver, 36-year-old Leeana Whitlock went into a store and got away.

“She was already gone inside the store by the time we located the vehicle. And she never came back,” said Lt. Jimmy Garrett of HPD. “We showed her picture around and she went to one of the restaurants and she was on the phone and they say she ran out the door.”

When police searched the car, they found cocaine, heroin and a printer. Officers also discovered counterfeit money.

According to police, the duo had used a chemical to whitewash 18 $5 bills using the printer in the car. One of the $5 bills had been completely altered into a fake $50 and 10 of the $5 bills had been fraudulently altered on one side only.

At this time, police say it’s unclear if any of the bills have been passed.

“So, the difference is, these are real bills that have been washed. So, they will pass the pen test from what I understand. We are just asking the consumers and residents to be vigilant and pay attention to the bills they are getting,” Lt. Garrett said.

Leeana Whitlock (HPD)

Earlier this year, Hendersonville police made another counterfeiting bust, arresting Clifton Odell, now accused of passing movie money at eight different locations.

When asked why there has been an influx of counterfeiting cases, Lt. Garrett said it’s possible that the economy has something to do with it.

“With the economy the way it is and times are tough right now, I think people are trying to take advantage and trying to do what they can to make ends meet, and maybe some people are using counterfeit money to get things,” Lt. Garrett said.

Both suspects will face criminal simulation and drug charges. Whitlock will also be charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

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If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Whitlock, who ran from officers, call Hendersonville police.