Could scooters be coming to Franklin?

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FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Dockless scooters may be coming to Franklin.

Tuesday marks the first discussion on a possible pilot program.

Behind the effort is the Sustainability Commission which suggests scooters are a potential transportation alternative to traffic and congestion in the city.

“We’re looking at an approach that is more limited in scope, where you do what they call geofencing that limits where scooters can operate,” said Eric Stuckey, Franklin City Administrator.

Stuckey said where those fences would go is up in the air, but definitely won’t be downtown.

“That was eliminated right off the top, that’s not a logical fit for it,” said Stuckey. “The areas we’re looking at are more in the Cool Springs area.”

According to a report by city staff, the area’s bike lanes and multi-use trails make scooters a good fit.

“What we want to do, if we go down this road, is that is in the right place, where they are dropped of and used in ways that don’t get in way of pedestrians, vehicles, and create safety concerns,” said Stuckey.

But moving forward depends on the first meeting Tuesday and if the city Board gives the green light.

“Before we do even more work, we want to gauge the interest in doing a pilot program in Franklin,” said Stuckey.

City staff will be presenting the report which also outlines learning lessons from other markets that have rolled out scooters.

Nashville has seen persistent safety and clutter issues, while Brentwood outlawed them altogether.

“The takeaway for us is having it be limited in where it fits and not have it be a free for all,” said Stuckey.

Cassie Yeager is concerned about the risk to riders.

“I’m worried they’re not going to look out and they’ll possibly be hit,” said Yeager.

Others like Ian Holihan are excited about the possibility.

“This is a small enough town where scooters would be really good,” said Holihan.

The meeting is set for 5:30 at Franklin’s City Hall.

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