NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tuesday’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has many Tennesseans wondering what they can do to keep students safe.

Nightlock door stoppers have been available for nearly a decade and are credited with saving lives during Michigan’s 2021 Oxford High School shooting. The interest in the door stoppers is growing locally.

Jack and Joe Taylor are the co-founders of Nightlock. They say that their products were used initially for residential purposes. It was another tragic school shooting that led to the installation of their products in schools. “After Sandy Hook happened over in Connecticut, schools started calling us to use our Nightlock door barricades on classroom doors.”

Nightlock offers two types of door stops for classroom use. They range in price from $50 to $70 per door stop, and the company has staff on hand to answer questions. “A lot of parents want to do fundraisers. A lot of PTAs involve the parents. It’s very easy to fundraise for these because we have 25 kids in a classroom. It’s only going to take a couple of dollars per kid. So we’re happy to help and share our experiences that we’ve had with other parents and schools.”

Thousands of schools have installed Nighlock’s door stops, including some in Middle Tennessee. Eric Lomax, the Director of Perry County Schools said it was a community effort to get them in place. “We put them in place right after Sandy Hook. And today, so it’s probably been about, I would say, seven, eight years ago,” Lomax told News 2.

Lomax says there was a lot of local support for the installation, “Sheriff Nick Weems was a big part of that. Helping get the locks in our schools. And then we actually raised the money community-wide. We raised the money to put them all in all the buildings. The Sheriff’s Office had some trustees come out after hours and install them.”

Other schools in Middle Tennessee are taking note and looking for ways to increase security measures. It’s a system that appeals to John Little, Metro Nashville’s school board member for District 4. 

“When I heard about the idea, the first thing that came to mind was an extra layer of security. And I think something like a doorstop will serve a really good purpose,” said Little.

Little has already started looking for ways to make room in the budget for Nightlock door stops. “I think in light of the things that happened in Central Texas [Tuesday], I don’t think money would be or should be the issue. I think as we look at, you know, maybe leftover asset funds, or even the general budget, I think when we value the life of our kids and others, and we look at the cost, that money should not be an issue. Nor do I think it will be an issue.”

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Little also plans to have a community meeting in his district soon to let parents and concerned community members have a chance to express their concerns.