DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A cougar sighting in Southwest Dickson County has people curious about the big cat.

The Dickson Post reported a man living on Ridge Road seeing a cougar running across his front yard. The animal then went into the woods.

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officials have to confirm a cougar sighting before it becomes valid. The last time they confirmed a sighting was in Humphreys County, seven years ago.

“People can mistake a house cat, coyote or bobcat as a cougar,” said Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency official Barry Cross. “But a lone cougar searching for a home range can happen.”

Cross also told News 2 cougars do not like people and will run away. In Tennessee, it is illegal to kill a cougar unless it is an imminent threat to your life.

“A bigger concern is black bears that are growing in population,” Cross said. “An adult male will look for a new home range which could lead him into Middle Tennessee.”

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If you run across a cougar or black bear, get away safely and contact the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.