OAK HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — If you drive through Oak Hill, chances are you’ve seen the signs, “Stop the Oak Hill stadium.” The controversy has some neighbors near Tyne Boulevard fired up.

However, there seems to be some confusion between neighbors and what exactly officials at Oak Hill school want to develop.

“We want to communicate what this is, versus what this isn’t,” explained Oak Hill Head of School Hart Roper. 

Dozens of signs across the neighborhood and more than a thousand signatures on a petition are calling to put a stop to the Oak Hill stadium.

“We are all just kind of concerned that our kind of quiet street back here is going to turn into a bit of a mess if they build a stadium back there,” said Oak Hill resident Taylor Hood.

However, Roper says they aren’t looking to build a stadium, but rather a playing field for elementary school-aged children. 

“It’s unfortunate it’s been cast as a stadium, it is not a stadium. We would say it’s just simply a playing field with a small structure that will have bleachers on it for about 150-200 people and some bathrooms and storage and that’s it,” Roper explained. 

Plans for the project have been in the talks for years, but more recently officials changed the location for the field on the property, causing controversy. Renderings show the field on the Tyne Boulevard property, a lot owned by the school and church for more than a decade that they say has been vacant for several years. 

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Neighbors cite concerns about traffic congestion, safety and clearcutting acres of old-growth trees.

“We are very proud of all the trees and how beautiful it is back here so the idea of removing a bunch of trees kind of hits home for us as a neighborhood,” said Hood. 

Roper admitted there will be some tree removal while pointing out that the lot is relatively open. He added that they would follow the tree ordinance for Oak Hill which requires replacement trees of equal caliber to those that are taken down.

“For our neighbors along Tyne, it’s been a change that they don’t support and we understand that and we are trying to work with them best we can to help them understand the scope of what we are trying to do,” stated Roper. 

Roper says they did pull back their recent application before the Board of Zoning and Appeals and decided to take a pause from the project, but has plans to submit again when the timing is right. 

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The school has submitted plans to the Planning Commission regarding the lot, but Roper says it is just part of a legal, technical process unrelated to the project.