HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There’s a road in Hendersonville that has some drivers very confused. One woman told News 2’s Mark Kelly she has caught three drivers going the wrong way, and one hit her head on. The city said they did not know this was a problem.

“I saw another car. I thought, ‘I’m going to grab my phone and take a picture of this. I can’t believe this is happening a third time,'” said Tiffany Elliott, who lives in Gallatin.

For the third time in nine months, Elliott said she came face to face with a wrong-way driver. The first was in March when the driver hit her and took off, the second was Christmas Day, and the most recent was this month.

“We couldn’t believe it. It was a van with a young mother with two children in the car. And by the time we had gotten down the exit, she was trying to figure out how to get on to the on-ramp, rather than the off-ramp,” said Elliott.

The confusion happens where the on-ramp and off-ramp to Highway 386 are side by side, and these wrong-way drivers are picking the wrong one.

“I just really want it to be addressed. I’m not sure who needs to look into it. I don’t know if it’s TDOT. I don’t know if it’s the mayor,” said Elliott.

News 2 reached out to both TDOT and the City of Hendersonville. Hendersonville Spokesperson Casey LaMarr replied, if this is an issue, the city and TDOT can look into improvements, but she admitted this has not been on their radar.

“When I reached out to everyone here at the city, this is not something that anyone was actively aware of as a problem. The P.D. does not have any reported incidents of calls of people driving the wrong way, and there were not accidents to anyone driving incorrectly,” said LaMarr.

Elliott said she would like to see better signs so no one else gets in a crash. 

“That place is just such a mess. If you are not from here, then you are going to make that mistake,” said Elliott.

On Tuesday, Jan. 17, TDOT declined an on-camera interview. They did put out a statement saying that in 2015 they did a road safety audit, which resulted in adding wrong way signs and yellow markers. TDOT said they haven’t had a reported wrong-way crash since those additions were made.

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Drivers we talked with said those changes are not enough and more needs to be done.

To report an issue to the City of Hendersonville, residents can use the city’s Report a Problem feature on the website. To report a concern to TDOT, you can email tdot.comments@tn.gov or reach out to your local official.

TDOT said if another road safety audit is needed for that ramp, they will look into it.