SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN) — A sea of blue filled the roads as family, friends, colleagues and strangers lined the streets to pay their respects to Deputy Savanna Puckett

She was known by many for her dedication to her profession. A family member brought flowers to Puckett’s house, the scene where she was discovered, and told News 2 law enforcement was all she ever wanted to do. Her cousin went on to say they want people to know how wonderful she was, how much she was loved and that she was much more than just a law enforcement officer. Savannah began working at the jail at just 18 and was planning to apply for corporal in the coming weeks, according to her cousin. 

The Sheriff’s Department said she was the one who always showed up early to her shift with a smile on her face. She was hardworking and cared deeply for everyone saying “she was a mother hen to us all,” frequently cooking meals and baking goodies for her shift. They went on to say in a statement that Deputy Puckett was tough, courageous, kind, compassionate and had an infectious personality that will always be remembered.

“She is well-known, well-loved in the community and at the sheriff’s department very professional. She had her whole life ahead of her, I mean, and if she wanted to be in law enforcement, particularly here, she has plenty of room to grow, and just for her to be gone this young is just I can’t understand it,” said General Sessions Court Judge Joel Perry.

Colleagues told News 2 Deputy Puckett was like family to them. 

“She was my friend. I don’t work there anymore. My dad was a cop for 35 years. I’m still close to these guys to this day. I made friends for life even in 2 years working there, we were family. We had each other’s back in rough situations. I owe it to her, it’s the respect thing,” former colleague Jonathan Shelton teared up while waiting on Deputy Puckett’s escort to pass by.  

A number of law enforcement agencies from surrounding counties also lined the streets to pay their respects. 

“The police are a very small community. You hear that all the time, but it’s true. Very few people know what these men and women go through every single day. Unless it’s something dramatic, it’s not on the news and it’s not in the paper, but nonetheless, they deal with it every single day. So, I think it’s extremely important that we honor each other at a time like this,” Chief Randy Pack of the Greenbrier Police Department told News 2. 

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Deputy Puckett’s family worked on arrangements Monday night at Springfield Memorial Gardens. We are waiting to learn more about how she will be honored in the days ahead and will let you know when we get more information.