ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) — News 2 went into the community to find out how cutting Metro Council in half will affect the city of Nashville.

Many people have been left wondering what would happen if the state won.

“I don’t like how it’s going down. I don’t like the relationship between Metro Government and the State right now. I think both sides need to step up and mend that relationship first and foremost,” said businessman Ben Freeland.

As a long-time Antioch business owner, Freeland has worked closely with his district’s Metro Council members throughout the years.

He said he can see the pros and cons of the new law slashing Metro Council in half.

“I think with a smaller council, maybe there will be more resources to pay them a full salary, they can dedicate full time to it, and maybe also give them some support. So on the complicated issues that they’re deciding, they might have more legal and expert advice to help them make wise decisions,” Freeland said.

The biggest concern, Freeland said, would be the potential lack of representation in smaller communities.

“That’s a long-term commitment to neighborhood representation and for the diversity of the city. So, I think that’s a big loss when we lose something like that, so I can see both sides to it,” Freeland said.

Whatever happens, the Antioch business owner hopes Metro Council members will continue to work tirelessly to make sure all Nashvillians’ voices are heard.

“I think I’ve always had a great relationship with council members in our area and even related areas. They’ll just have a bigger responsibility, and hopefully, that will help them with compensation and some other things, so they could dedicate more time to it,” Freeland said.

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Freeland said he’d love to see the Metro government and the state get on the same page, work past it and start building a healthy relationship going forward.