TULLAHOMA, Tenn. (WKRN) — A search continues for two suspects who vandalized a church bus over the weekend in Coffee County.

The Coffee County Sheriff’s Department turned to the community to help them locate the individuals who shot at a bus in the parking lot of Rutledge Falls Baptist Church on Sunday night.

“We came in Monday morning to the office like normal and our secretary noticed that the windows were shot out and busted out on the bus…and we do have some cameras here, and we were able to just look back and see that there were a couple of looked like young folks who were here Sunday night, sometime after we left the church, I think between 8:30 to 9 p.m.,” said Evan Owens, a pastor at Rutledge Falls Baptist Church.

Pastor Owens said their security cameras showed a younger-looking man and woman shoot at the windows and windshield of one of their buses, shattering several windows before driving off.

“They had a pellet gun or a BB gun, something like that, and were doing some target practice, and then just decided to start shooting at the bus. It looked like they shot at them and then when they didn’t completely shatter, they had some sort of rod, curtain rod, something like that, and broke them out completely,” Owens said.

Nobody was injured, and there was no other damage to the property.

The sheriff’s department is still searching for the individuals who did this.

Pastor Owens said he hopes the suspects are caught and wants to talk to them to find out why they did this.

“I haven’t really felt that one tinge of anger the whole time. I just would really like to speak to them and know why, and just have that chance to see who they are and talk to them, see what’s going on in their life, that this is how they want to spend their time, and hopefully not lead to more disrespecting of people’s property and of people later on in their life.”

The sheriff’s department posted images from the security camera on Facebook, hoping to get more information on who these individuals are, even offering a $500 reward that leads to an arrest.