WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A heads-up Williamson County deputy pulls up on a suspicious situation in the middle of Hillsboro Road and Berry’s Chapel. It soon turns into a cocaine investigation and two men behind bars.

According to investigators, it unfolds just outside Cottonwood, Fieldstone Farms, and Legends Ridge Subdivisions just around 3 am Saturday morning.

That’s when WCSO Corporal Chris Hyder pulled up on a box truck parked oddly in the middle of Hillsboro Rd at the Berry’s Chapel light. When the deputy drove by, he didn’t see anyone in the driver’s seat, so he circled around. That’s when he found a man, identified as Marshall Ray Peters, standing by the back of the open box truck.

Bodycam footage showed the 57-year-old had a beer stuffed into his pocket and the deputy can be heard saying the Hermitage man smelled of alcohol.

On body cam, you hear Peters tell the deputy, “I’ve been drinking since it got dark.”

The deputy responded, “Since it got dark? How many can you drink since it got dark? It’s been dark for a while.”

The 57-year-old said he and his partner, David Zacheus Miller, were working on a job in the Cottonwood Community and they stopped to switch drivers.

The deputy continued, “I smell alcohol coming off you pretty strong man. Your eyes are bloodshot, glassy. I can smell it coming off you pretty good. You got a beer in your pocket and one in the console.”

Peters refused to take a field sobriety test and was arrested. Upon further search, pills and cocaine were found on his person. More drugs are found in a backpack in the truck.

While in the back of the squad car, the deputy began to ask Peters a question, then found a baggie of white powder at his feet, “What’s this right here, that fell out of your pocket? What’s that white powder man? I don’t want to get hurt.”

Peters responded, “I have no idea.”

Later in the discussion, Peters admitted the powder is cocaine and the pills were for ADHD.

Deputies then question the other man in the truck, David Miller. The 47-year-old claimed not to know anything about the drugs in the backpack. That’s when the officer pulled a baggie of what will later be determined to be cocaine out of the ex-con’s pants pocket.

In the end, investigators seized almost 2 ounces of cocaine and locked up both men in the county jail on possession and possession with intent to sell and deliver schedule II drugs.

“The one person in the vehicle was too tired to drive, and the other was too intoxicated, and the guy that was going to drive, got in the back of the truck and got another cold beer to make it on down the road,” said Chief Deputy Mark Elrod. “It is amazing what we see out on the streets.”

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The driver, Marshall Peters has no record in Metro. His bond was $40,000.

The passenger, David Miller, has a long history in Metro for charges that include drugs. His bond was set at $55,000.