CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Residents of Kingston Springs are still dealing with the aftermath of an EF-2 tornado that moved through early Saturday with maximum winds of 125 mph. The tornado traveled 10.5 miles before lifting.

Kingston Springs Mayor Tony Gross says there are still a lot of folks out there who need help, “The worst hit spots are really on the section of highway 70, just about a half a mile down here on Butterworth road, and then also just all of 73 there and then past that there’s a road called Sneed road, and there’s some pretty severe damage down on that road as well.”

Volunteers are needed to help with cleanup. “There are opportunities to volunteer, I’m actually using our business at 1120 highway 70. People can park there during the day, and at the bridge here on 70 that let people in if they have, you know, specific skills like chainsaws and different types of equipment,” says Gross.

For many, power will not return for weeks and there are homes with extensive damage. Gross described the damage as, “A lot of houses without roofs, a lot of downed trees, that sort of thing. People don’t have power, it doesn’t look like they’re gonna have power for a considerable amount of time.”

The Land, a popular Agricultural Cooperative, is just half a mile down the road from the hardest-hit area. Lesley Mortimer-Wallace owns The Land, and says that she went to check to see if there was any damage soon after the storm hit. Once she realized that her property was unscathed, she started thinking of ways to help those who weren’t as lucky.

“I just couldn’t believe that we hadn’t got hit. And so I just feel like it’s all I could do,” said Mortimer-Wallace. The Land canceled a holiday event planned for Saturday and diverted the food to the tornado victims. Now they are acting as a launchpad for volunteers and businesses who want to help.

You can contact her via The Land’s Facebook or Instagram for more details on how to volunteer. “It’s not a lot but it just seems like you know if they can just have 10 minutes of normalcy so so yeah, so you can message me if you want, you know, you can come out you can donate your time, cash.”

For those who want to make a monetary donation, you can Venmo @TheLand-CheathamCo.