CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — From airlines to Amazon, companies are charging more due to rising fuel prices and Middle Tennesseans may start seeing additional fees in places they may not expect.

Lonnie Jackson and his wife live in Clarksville. It was Jackson’s wife who noticed a new fee on their latest bill from Stinky Pinky Trash Service. “They put down at the bottom of the bill, we’re charging $3 for gas cause the gas is higher. Wait a minute…I’m not paying for your gas,” said Jackson.

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Stinky Pinky Septic & Trash Service is charging an additional $1 per month to cover higher diesel costs. While it’s not a big difference, Jackson wants to make sure others are aware of these extra charges. 

“To me, that’s double dipping and I’m trying to inform the community and everybody in the surrounding area because if Stinky Pinky’s doing it, who else is doing it,” Jackson said.

Jackson plans to stick with Stinky Pinky and is happy with their service, but feels that paying an additional charge for gas isn’t fair and he wants people to pay attention to their bills, “I’m trying to get everybody to look at their bill. Because they going to charge you extra for this gas. That’s not our fault. We’re paying high gas prices, they should too.”

News 2 spoke with Stinky Pinky’s Operations Manager Robert Lane and he said that the company’s diesel expenses have skyrocketed in 2022. Rising prices led to them adding the $1 per month surcharge in March. However, Lane said that the company plans to remove the surcharge as soon as gas prices fall.

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Lane added that many other companies are rising prices indefinitely, while Stinky Pinky plans to make the surcharge a temporary fee.