CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A terrifying encounter for two women in Clarksville as another driver threatened them with a gun.

“It was like five seconds of our life, but it was very scary,” explained Brooklynn Carroll.

A still shot of video the women took shows the barrel of a pistol aimed at Carroll and a friend who was in her passenger seat.

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“Oh, it was terrifying we didn’t know what to do in the moment. We got the whole thing on video and within seconds we called 911,” said Carroll. 

It was Saturday afternoon. “Broad daylight like 12:30 in the afternoon. We were on Trenton Road driving towards Northeast High School.”

That’s when Carroll said the driver of a green Challenger pulled out of a Dollar General, nearly hitting her.

“We honk, she starts screaming in her car at us, flipping us off, and acts like she’s going to hit us from the other side and that’s when we pulled up our phones,” said Carroll.

She added that they were originally just trying to scare off the driver to get her to stop. “We didn’t start recording until she pulled the gun out like thank God we hit record right then.”

However, the driver later identified by Clarksville police as Rebecca Rodriguez taunted her to record it.

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“It was horrifying, and she just sped right off. She definitely didn’t expect to get caught though.”

Carroll said they called 911 and shared the video with police who were working the case,

but thanks to social media she was able to find the driver first.

“We weren’t going to let it go because she pulled a gun on us, so I went to Facebook and I had a bunch of people reach out to us and say they thought she lives off Trenton Road,” said Carroll.

The next day she was able to find the green Challenger thanks to those tips, leading police to Rodriguez’s home. 

“They brought her out and arrested her. It’s crazy to think, like we got really lucky like that didn’t have to be the outcome. She could have pulled the trigger,” said Carroll. “She was pointing it at us so if she had pulled the trigger the bullet would have went into our car.”

In a report, a Clarksville police officer said the video clearly shows Rodriguez pointing a purple handgun with a laser attachment at the two victims. Rodriguez answered the door at her home which was less than a half mile from where the crime was committed but denied being in the road rage incident, according to the report.

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Once in custody, Clarksville police recovered the purple handgun.

Rodriguez has already made bond, she is facing two counts of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.