CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Six members of a Clarksville motorcycle gang have been found guilty of multiple charges that include racketeering conspiracy, and other charges involving murder, kidnapping, and drug trafficking.

The Department of Justice says the men were part of the Clarksville chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and were found guilty of the charges following a three-and-a-half-month trial. 

According to court documents, a jury convicted James Wesley Frazier, 34, Aelix Santiago, 34, Michael Forrester, 34, Jamie Hern, 43, William Boylston, 32, and Jason Meyerholz, 48, all of Clarksville, for charges including racketeering conspiracy.

An additional man, Derek Leighton Stanley, 48, of Owensboro, Kentucky, was also convicted for engaging in drug trafficking conspiracy. Officials do not believe Stanley was a member of the Clarksville Mongols. 

Evidence presented at trial showed that the Clarksville Mongols were a self-described “outlaw” motorcycle club that engaged in violent activities that include the kidnapping and murder of Stephanie Bradley and Stephen Cole.

Officials say Bradley was kidnapped and murdered in May of 2015 after the motorcycle gang believed she had information relating to stolen drugs, money, and guns, and had been speaking negatively to others about the Clarksville Mongols. 

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The DOJ says the Clarksville Mongols kidnapped Bradley and led her to a cemetery in Bumpus Mills where she was then walked into the woods and shot numerous times.

In November of 2017, the Clarksville Mongols were accused of driving Stephen Cole to Kentucky where he was then tortured, beaten for hours and murdered with a 10-inch tent stake because the motorcycle gang believed he had stolen motorcycles that belonged to a fellow member. 

U.S. Attorney Wildasin says the convictions put an end to the violence seen in the community that was inflicted by the motorcycle gang. 

“Friday’s verdict officially ends an era of drug trafficking, violence, and intimidation inflicted on the people of Clarksville by the Clarksville Mongols,” said U.S. Attorney Wildasin. “I commend the investigation and prosecution teams for the enormous amount of time and resources they dedicated during the past seven years to bring every member and associate of this ruthless gang to justice.” 

The motorcycle gang is also believed to have destroyed Sin City Motorcycle Club by setting it on fire, a violent home invasion in Kentucky, and distributing more than 50 pounds of nearly 100% pure methamphetamine, worth approximately $1 million in the Clarksville area.

According to the DOJ, a Chief U.S. District Judge will determine each man’s sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.