CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Montgomery County Schools saw gun-related threats two days in a row, the first on Tuesday at Rossview Elementary, and the other Wednesday at Rossview High School

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said a caller claimed he had witnessed four people get shot at Rossview High School. Two school resource officers (SROs) were inside the school at the time and a quick response from law enforcement deemed the tip non-credible.  

“I think whoever made the call is very idiotic to do something like that and I hope that because they’re still investigating it, I’m hoping that they find whoever did it and they get what’s coming to them,” junior Samantha Hampton told News 2. 

Students said teachers took quick action and Wednesday’s threat was different than Tuesday’s. Samantha and her cousin, freshman Olivia Claudio, told News 2 they heard teachers inside the high school yelling, “This is not a drill!” 

“We had to run from the back of the building into the first area we’d seen, which was the weight room,” Claudio, who was in PE class at the time, recalled. “All I remember was our teacher handed us all weights just in case and we had to hide in the corner.” 

Samantha’s third period teacher also took precautions.  

“We had to barricade the door with her desk and all the students’ desks and then our teacher made us grab weapons. We had to grab bars from the desk, we had to grab books, we had to grab everything to, like, fight if a shooter came in,” Samantha added.  

It was grandma to the rescue for Liz Hampton, who picked up her grandchildren Samantha, Claudio, and freshman Travis Gerard. 

“They’re texting me they’re barricaded in their classrooms. I’m coming, especially after what happened yesterday. It’s scary,” Liz told News 2.  

Liz and her grandchildren hope the person behind the call is found and held accountable. Roughly a month removed from The Covenant School shooting, they admitted these threats are concerning. They applauded law enforcement’s quick response Wednesday. Samantha said putting students through the emotional toll that comes with these threats is unacceptable. 

“Like it could be a perfectly normal day at school, a shooter comes around, none of us come home and none of our family sees us again. It’s scary and it’s honestly disgusting that this day and age in 2023 in America that there’s this much gun violence, especially with kids in high schools, middle schools and elementary schools. It’s absolutely disgusting,” Samantha said.  

“Amen. Amen to that, girl,” her grandmother Liz echoed.  

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Senior Antonio Perez shared video he and his girlfriend captured with News 2. The two were heading into the school when the threat was called in.  

“Being a senior and having both of my brothers at other schools, you just think like growing up how is this going to progress; how is this going to get worse; is it going to get better; are there going to be medical detectors in schools; what are the next steps from here?” Perez explained. “You know, like with Nashville and everything happening, I feel like everything is like a lot more serious now and it’s very scary honestly.” 

Montgomery County authorities said they will continue to take threats of this nature seriously and will do all that they can to trace down the original caller.