CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)- The 24th Annual “On Wings of Love” ceremony was held on Tuesday at the First Baptist Church in Clarksville. More than 400 homicide victims were remembered during the event.

It’s a tradition that sadly has no end in sight.

The goal of the event is “to remember that they are always with us, not just during this season of remembrance,” said Jemina Clinard, a Victim Witness Coordinator with the DA’s office in the 19th District.

The event, hosted by the District Attorney’s Office, is held each year to honor those who have lost their lives in a homicide. One at a time, each family member or friend walked up and said the name of their loved one, before placing an ornament on the tree.

“It’s dear to our heart, that these types of crimes happen in our community, and we become familiar with the family and friends of the victims, so it’s very special to us,” said Robert Nash, District Attorney General for the 19th Judicial District.

Nash said during his time as a prosecutor, he would work with these families on a daily basis, working to try and serve justice for those who have lost their loved ones to violence.

“We share our stories, and help each other, get, get through this time,” said Kenneth Tenbarge, who lost his daughter back in 2017. Allison Tenbarge, 20, was found dead inside an apartment. She was 8 months pregnant at the time.

“Beautiful person, beautiful. I think she would have been a very good mom. Obviously, I wish she was here, but me and her had that special, father-daughter bond that we, we could continue each other sentences, that how good it was,” remembered Tenbarge.

Clarksville police said she was retrieving some of her items from Quinton Bird, who was her ex-boyfriend at the time. She reportedly suffered blunt force trauma and sharp force injuries to her head and body.

The “On Wings of Love” ceremony was started by Susan Marks, after she attended a similar ceremony in Nashville, after the death of her 23-year-old son. The event has been taking place in Montgomery County for more than two decades.

“You’re not forgotten, this is for you, this ornament is in remembrance even though your life was taken due to homicide, you’re always remembered,” said Clinard.

The Christmas trees will continue to stand throughout the month of December, inside the First Baptist Church on Commerce Street. Last year’s ceremony was held online due to COVID-19.