MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN)— During a week when fake active shooting calls have plagued schools across Tennessee, some communities are looking at how technology and artificial intelligence can reinforce their school safety measures.

Montgomery County is considering trying out a new weapons detection system at a school in their county this fall. On Monday, Sheriff John Fuson told the commission his experience looking at how schools are using machines from Evolv Technologies.

“It scans for items that may be dense. Like rifle barrels, pocketknives it can pick up, dense items that a person may have in their person or their backpack. They don’t have to be brandished,” Fuson said.

According to Fuson, the Evolv machines work smoother than metal detectors, don’t cause traffic jams at schools, and shouldn’t create additional stressors on school staff.

“I don’t see how something like this would not work,” he said.

Fuson wants to try the system at one school initially as a trial and the idea was well received by many commissioners.

“I am very excited about seeing a solution to the problem and this is kind of a solution where we don’t want the problem in the first place,” said Montgomery County Commissioner David Shelton.

According to Fuson, Evolv is also used at Nissan Stadium and Ryman Auditorium.