CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Last month, lighting damaged key equipment at Clarkesville’s City Council Chambers. The lightning bolt struck the building just across the street from the chambers, but the surge of electricity damaged 23 computers, four copiers, two cameras, three switches, two encoders, an access point, a television, a printer, a phone, and a monitor.

Casey Williams, a Communications Specialist for the City of Clarksville, says that the citizens of the city did notice a few changes in last month’s stream of the City Council Meeting. “The one that most people have noticed was our captioning hardware that generates the closed captions for city council meetings.”

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While the captioning hardware is being repaired, they are using a cloud-based captioning service. With election season in full swing, captioning capability is especially important.

“We’ve contracted with a cloud service for the auto-captioning because that is very important. And we want to make sure that the accessibility option is there. So we have that back available. The cloud services through the city website, and then Facebook, we’re using the platform’s native captioning software service. And for vote tallies, we will be just kind of turning a screen on to make sure that that’s able to be seen until things are fixed,” said Williams.

In the meantime, a lot of progress has been made regarding repairing and replacing the damaged hardware. “After realizing that the issue was there, our IT team immediately began working on it. That’s been a few weeks now. And they’ve managed to replace a little more than half of the equipment, replace, repair and or send it off to the vendors to be repaired.”

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Once this work is finished, Williams says they plan to have a set-up that’s more resistant to electrical surges, “It’s hard to predict the weather. But we can do things to lower the chances of things like electrical issues. We’re also working on taking this opportunity to improve some of our background processes.”