NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — This week the Tennessee Comptroller’s office released a disturbing report of an audit on the state’s Department of Children’s Services.

A Clarksville grandmother told News 2 she’s seen several of the concerns highlighted in the report firsthand. 

Two months ago, Cheyenne Maddox was charged with first degree murder after her son Kadaris’ death was ruled a homicide. He was found dead inside the family home in July and an autopsy found he was starved to death.  

Kadaris’ grandmother, Dawn Maddox, said she’s had ongoing frustrations with DCS and that her family tried to report problems for years, but case managers didn’t take action.  

She agrees with one of the audit’s key findings that stated children were vulnerable to “slipping through the cracks” due to heavy caseloads.  

Dawn said five of her grandchildren removed from Cheyenne’s home slept in a Montgomery County office building pictured in the audit’s report.  

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“When I went in there when this first happened, they had us in one little room and they wouldn’t let us out,” Dawn said. “The five little girls stayed there and the youngest one, she’s the one that ended up with a really bad infected spider bite on the back of her leg and had to be taken to the health department.” 

Dawn said she is glad to see the government looking into DCS, and she thinks the biggest thing the department needs is more staff and better training.