CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Cheyenne Maddox is in the Montgomery County Jail for the third time in four months. 

Previously charged with child abuse and neglect, she now faces a first-degree murder charge for her son Kadaris Maddox. He was found dead inside their family home on July 6 and weighed only 35 pounds. 

“I knew he was starved, but I mean having cuts and ulcers on his little body, it’s just, it’s hard. It’s just really hard,” grandmother Dawn Maddox said. 

Kadaris was born with cerebral palsy. An autopsy now shows he died from malnutrition and noted healed scars on his jaw and back. He also had ulcers on his back and hip. 

Dawn Maddox said she tried to get help from authorities while Kadaris was alive, but to no avail. 

“I feel like maybe I could’ve gone over and just took him, you know just kidnapped him or something and he would be here right now,” Dawn Maddox said. 

Kadaris’ autopsy ruled his manner of death a homicide and child abuse and neglect under circumstances of death. Cheyenne turned herself in to the Montgomery County Jail Sunday night, where her mom hopes she will able to receive mental health resources. But in the meantime, Dawn doesn’t feel like she’s seen justice for Kadaris.  

“There’s too many people that could have helped, that could have got him out of the situation, and they didn’t do it. And until all of them are brought to justice, no, there’s not justice for Kadaris yet,” Dawn Maddox said.

Cheyenne Maddox is being held on a $1 million bond.