CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tiny Town Road has become a crash causeway according to some employees of businesses along the street, and many are afraid to drive on it.

So far this year, there have been 321 crashes on Tiny Town Road and four fatalities; the most recent death occurred Thursday. The number of wrecks has increased from 2020 when there were 242 crashes and 2021 when there were 253.

Store clerk Ajay Chauvhari told News 2 that he sees wrecks on the road about every other day.

“A couple days ago, I know that one guy hit the cop’s car too, and he had three kids inside the car,” Chauvhari said. “That’s dangerous for everybody.”

Despite the rise in the number of crashes, Clarksville police said the road isn’t becoming more dangerous. Instead, it’s being used by more people because of the city’s growth.

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“We’re growing fast, and it’s the rapid growth a lot of cities are seeing, and just with that growth you’ve got more vehicles on the roadway,” Scott Beaubien, the Clarksville Police Department’s public information officer said.

Police believe the two main causes for the majority of the crashes are speed and distracted driving. Officers ask people to slow down and put their cell phones away when driving.

Officers try to patrol crash-prone areas, including Tiny Town Road, but Beaubien told News 2 calls for service take priority.

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Chauvhari wants to see officials add traffic lights along the road and reduce the speed limit, however, Tiny Town Road is a state road, so the Tennessee Department of Transportation must make those changes.