CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Members of the Clarksville community received a warning Wednesday about scammers impersonating local authorities and claiming to have warrants on file for the people they call.

The Clarksville Police Department said it received some complaints about people spoofing the department’s phone lines, using the names of retired officers, and asking individuals to provide financial info or transfer funds instead of having a warrant served on them.

If you get one of these phone calls, you are urged to hang up.

Officials described this is as a scam, adding that no reputable law enforcement agency, including Clarksville Police, will never call you to request financial details or money to avoid the execution of a warrant.

Authorities said they may call you and tell you to turn yourself in, but they will never ask you to transfer funds. If you don’t turn yourself in, law enforcement will take you into custody once they can find you.

If you are concerned you have a warrant, you are encouraged to contact the Clarksville Police Department at 931-648-0656, or the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 931-648-5778, so an officer or deputy can check for you.