CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Clarksville jury found a man guilty of first-degree murder after he killed his parents in 2010.

William “Roger” Campbell had been charged with two counts of premeditated first-degree murder after his parents, William “Bill” Campbell and Ina Campbell, both in their 80s, were found shot to death in their Jackson Road home in January 2010.

William “Roger” Campbell’s son, William “Shawn” Campbell, told News 2 he had suspicions about his father’s involvement in his grandparents’ murder just days after they were found. William “Shawn” Campbell spoke with News 2 moments after the verdict was reached.

“I never thought it would happen. It’s been almost 13 years,” he said. “Through all this, I just want everybody to know that I don’t want them to be forgotten, this is about them, not me.”

According to Clarksville police, a neighbor hit the couple’s mailbox and tried to call their home to let them know. When the couple didn’t answer, the neighbor contacted another neighbor, Daniel Champagne, who had a key to William and Ina’s home. That’s when the gruesome discovery was made.

“I asked the lord a long time ago– settle this case before you take me home. So maybe I’m on my way home to heaven, I hope. He answered my prayers,” Champagne told News 2 outside of the courtroom.

In July of 2021, Clarksville police had the couple’s adopted son, William “Roger” Campbell, arrested at his residence in Georgia and extradited back to Tennessee.

Throughout the week, the prosecution called TBI lab workers to the stand, who testified William “Roger” Campbell’s blood was found on a soap bottle sitting by the kitchen sink. A few days after the couple was discovered, police went to Georgia to talk to William “Roger” Campbell, and found a red-stained sheet stuffed under a seat in his truck. Testing, however, was not able to determine whether or not the stains were in fact blood.

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The prosecution argued William “Roger” Campbell needed money and tried to prove greed led to his parents’ murder. The defense questioned why it took police so many years to make an arrest in the case.

The trial originally began on Tuesday, Jan. 17. Sentencing will be on Wednesday, March 8.

Assistant District Attorney Marianne Bell told News 2 that getting justice for William and Ina was a top priority of the State.

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“They were wonderful people. So to finally, ultimately see and get justice for them, it’s a good feeling for this office, it’s a good feeling for the Clarksville Police Department, it’s a good feeling for the family.”