CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — First term Mayor Joe Pitts is bringing excitement among Clarksville residents as new improvements are announced.

According to, the mayor is focused on expanding new parks, greenways and green spaces throughout the city. Dixon Park and the L&N Train Depot are two examples of the park spaces that he wants to improve.

After talking with several people who reside in the city, it wasn’t hard to understand its continued growth.

“It’s just beautiful here and there is always something fun to do,” Hanna Fahmy says. “I moved here five years ago and still believe I made a great decision.”

Other residents told News 2 about the city giving off a small town yet big city feel. They consider Clarksville to have all the amenities that a larger city has, but without the traffic.

One of the biggest projects that the city is working on revolves around the Roxy Regional Theatre. Last year, the city purchased the property and is now working on an economic/architectural study to determine ways to enhance the property.

According to Clarksville’s Communications Director Linda Gerron, the city is working with a theatre team from New York to assist with the study and future development. They believe the venue will drive activity and investment to the downtown area.

Clarksville has also received a major award as Money Magazine’s #1 Best Place to Live in America.