CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — According to Clarksville police, 40 cars have been stolen in a matter of three weeks. 

Police told News 2 several of those cars were later found miles away in the Metro Nashville area.

“You hear about it sporadically and you never think it will happen to you, but this is more than sporadic — it’s ramped,” Brent Russell said. 

According to Clarksville police, Russell was one of 466 victims in 2022 who reported their cars stolen.  

Russell fell victim on Christmas morning. He said a dead key fob was accidentally left inside his Jeep.  

“I guess whenever I got out and locked the door, it had just enough battery to keep the door from locking because the key fob was still there, and it had just enough juice to start it one time,” Russell said.  

Russell said a gun was left locked inside the glove box. Clarksville police said the gun was recovered four days later in Nashville. However, Russell’s Jeep is still missing.  

“Now you got to worry about every noise you hear. Is somebody coming back? Are they coming back to get something else?” Russell said.  

According to Russell, he’s been taking matters into his own hands after multiple neighbors reported their cars stolen. He told News 2 one neighbor tracked their car to a business off Nolensville Pike.   

“We’ve had other tips that we’ve followed up on. We’ve come out here and checked in salvage yards and what not,” Russell said. 

Clarksville police said several of the stolen cars were recovered in the Metro Nashville area.   

“It’s very infuriating because now you are starting over, and get another vehicle and work with insurance companies, police departments and now we’ve looked at installing security systems,” Russell said.    

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Clarksville police said it is still to be determined if the stolen gun was linked to a crime.  

Meanwhile, Clarksville is also one step closer to installing license plate readers (LPRs) along state routes. Last week, city council approved a resolution that supports LPRs.