Clarksville teen graduates in hospital following spider bite

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CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Clarksville teenager’s graduation day had to be moved from the stage to a hospital bed.  

Sedrica Alexander felt it a week before graduation.  

“I remember waking up and my stomach was itching really bad,” she said. “I didn’t think much of it, thought it was a bite from a tiny bug.” 

It was a bite alright and within hours the symptoms kicked in. The next few days included a trip to a clinic, antibiotics, and two trips to the ER.  

By Thursday, Sedrica found herself in the Tennova Healthcare ICU. Doctors determined a brown recluse bite was likely to blame and graduation was a no-go


“I was crying, I was really disappointed,” she added. “I was excited about going to graduation.” 

Come the day of the ceremony though, Sedrica woke to a surprise.  

“Woke up by so many nurses crowded around my bed, and [they] brought in the graduation cake,” she said.  

Sedrica’s mother, Portia, brought her cap and gown to the hospital room. The senior was soon watching an online stream of her graduation and moving her tassel with her classmates.  

Friends from Northeast High School dropped by to take graduation pictures, and her principal brought by her diploma.  

“Everybody was so supportive, and it made me feel loved,” Sedrica said.  

After four blood transfusions and days in the ICU, Sedrica and family are back home.  

She hopes others heed her spider warning this Summer.  

“Like people actually die from spider bites, so I think I was blessed the way mine turned out,” said Sedrica, “Just be careful.” 

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