CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Authorities in Clarksville have located a man dressed as a clown who prompted a police alert Thursday morning when children reportedly thought he was trying to use candy to lure them into a moving vehicle.

Clarksville place said two elementary school children told officers that they came in contact with the man around 7:30 a.m. in the area of Hayden Drive, Golf Club Lane and Paradise Hill Road.

The man, with a white painted face and red nose, was driving a silver or gray sedan and the children believed he motioned for them to come to his vehicle, as he tried to entice them with candy.

The vehicle never stopped and the children ran, they told officers.

Thursday in a Facebook post, Clarksville police said they located the man and he was “an older man who dresses up once a year on his birthday as a clown and hands out candy.”

His birthday was Thursday.

Clarksville PD’s full post:

The great clown mystery has been solved. Police have located the man who was spotted in a clown costume. He is an older man who dresses up once a year on his birthday as a clown and hands out candy Today, is his birthday. We went to a couple of places where he frequents and they verified he was at those places this morning dressed up as a clown. They say is a nice man that dresses up and is known to give out candy. Police had contact with him and he said he had been dressed up as a clown and did not mean any harm. There was also nothing that indicated police that his actions were intentionally harmful or meant to scare anyone. The businesses and locations he was spotted all fall in line where he was at today.

EVERYONE CAN NOW BREATHE!!!! Thanks to those that helped us solve the mystery and to make contact with the man.