Clarksville man believes object was thrown from moving vehicle, striking his windshield

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CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Clarksville man says he feels lucky to be alive after a drive down a major road, sent an object flying through his windshield.

“It sounded like an explosion …and then when it hit, it rocked my whole truck,” said Dennis Peters.

Peters said he was driving near the intersection of Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Trenton Road on Monday around 5 p.m. when he saw something flying towards his windshield,

“I saw something black coming my way and I had to duck out of the way because I’ve heard of people getting killed [when] something come through their window, so I was trying to get out of the way.”

Peters said the glass was shattered in his car and added that some shards cut his hand and some landed the back seat.

The incident happened so fast, Peters told News 2 he didn’t see where the object came from, but he believes it was thrown from a moving vehicle.

He has filed a report with Clarksville Police. Meanwhile, he hopes that if a person is responsible for the incident – they never do it again.

“Someone might not be as lucky as I was, the Lord might not be watching over them like he was over me. If this is what they think a game is, they need to think again,” he said.

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