GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A lot has changed from when the Hancock House was first built back in the late 1800s in Gallatin.

“My husband and I used to sit on this porch and watch black angus cattle grazing in the field,” said Roberta Hancock.

The home originated as a stagecoach stop and served many purposes before Hancock and her husband purchased it and transformed it into a bed and breakfast a few years ago.

“I’m still getting calls for people who want reservations to stay and to have parties,” she said.

But a fire August of last year stopped all of that.

“My husband heard the canebreak popping,” said Hancock. “When that stuff gets dry and it’s burning it … almost sounds like gunshots.”

The home still had life until Gallatin City Council met Tuesday, Nov. 1st, to discuss its future.

The home had been deemed a dangerous building.

The current owner is the Rogers Group, who had a representative present at the meeting.

A motion was granted allowing Rogers Group to remove burnt pieces of the building and overgrowth and put up a fence.

While work has already begun, Hancock says she’s now dealing with thieves.

“Someone took it upon themselves to come in and help themselves,” she said.

Hancock says they stole parts of the fence, balcony and a gate that had been in her family for decades.

“It’s hurtful,” she said. “You feel–you feel violated.”

For now the home will stay, and it’s something Hancock says she’ll never stop fighting for.

“The day I stop fighting is the day you know I’m not here anymore,” she said.

Hancock says she would love for the space to transform into an amphitheater that would provide theater, music and history classes for children in the community.

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As of now there are no set plans for what will happen to the home, but council members said they wanted the building to stay at Tuesday’s meeting.

Rogers Group has 60 days to get the fence in place and clean up some of the debris around the home before they come back before city council to discuss the future of the property.