CHAPMANSBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Cheatham County man accused of stealing a Cheatham County school bus to see his grandmother on Mother’s Day has a long history of criminal activity, but he told News 2 that his days of stealing school buses are over.

From the Cheatham County Jail, Tony Adcock, 35, said he stole the bus from West Cheatham Elementary because he was tired of walking.

Cordan: “I’m here because on Mother’s Day they said you took the school bus. Talk about it, why?”

Adcock: “I was tired of walking down the road, really.”

Cordan: “So, it was just what they told me?”

Adcock: “I’m not sure what they told you.”

Cordan: “They said you got tired of walking down the road and there was a school bus.”

Adcock: “Yeah, with the keys in it.”

Cordan: “I saw the video. You were singing. Having a good time?”

Adcock: “Yeah. Yeah. It wasn’t doing nothing wrong with the bus. I was just tired of walking and trying to get where I was going.”

Cordan: “What are you thinking while driving. You stole a school bus, and driving several miles, and it’s mother’s Day, and you are going to momma’s house?”

Adcock: “I was going to grandma’s house first, didn’t know where momma was. And once I got there and the alarm started going off on the school bus and I realized I messed up.”

Cordan: “What were you thinking then?”

Adcock: “I parked it down the street and left, and started walking again.”

Cordan: “What do you think about them leaving the keys in the bus?”

Adcock: “I am not sure why they left the keys in the bus, but they were in there. I thought about it when I got on the bus the first time, and started it up, and then got off, and then got back in the bus, and said I am really tired of walking. It was a bad choice. A bad choice.”

Cordan: “It was Mother’s Day, and you wanted to see mom or grandma.”

Adcock: “I was going to see grandma and get Mom over there.”

Cordan: “Seems like you were doing well ’til the alarm went off?”

Adcock: “I freaked out pretty good, just wanted to get it out of the driveway.”

Cordan: “It was loud.”

Adcock: “Yeah, the whole time.”

Cordan: (Jokingly) “Now, you know the next time you allegedly steal a school bus?”

Adcock: “Ha ha, ain’t no more school buses for me.”

Cordan: “You learned your lesson?”

Adcock: “Yessir. I didn’t mean to steal the bus, I wasn’t thinking in my right mind when I did it, wasn’t drugs, nothing like that, it was just a spur of the moment thing. It was hot outside and couldn’t get a ride, bro.”

Cordan: “Was it hard to drive the bus?”

Adcock: “No it was easy. They said I did good. I didn’t speed. I didn’t run stop signs. I might be able to get me a job when I get out.”

Cordan: “Think you could be a school bus driver?”

Adcock: “I could try”

According to sheriff’s investigators, when he couldn’t turn the bus alarm off, Adcock drove it to another remote location and ditched it.

A few hours later, it is found by Cheatham County sheriff’s deputies.

Within days, Adcock was caught and back behind bars.

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Adcock is in jail, charged with theft over $10,000. His bond is $50,000, and he reportedly has a hold for other infractions out of Robertson County.