PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) — There were some tense moments Monday night for Cheatham County authorities after the driver of a BMW refused to stop and led officers on a dangerous pursuit for close to 10 miles.

It all began in Pleasant View when investigators say a black BMW ran into a median in the roadway around Highway 49 and Highway 41.

Officers heard the commotion and witnessed the driver leaving the scene, and they pursued the car, attempting to pull it over.

The car was driven by Seth Russell, 22.

Investigators say he drove down Pleasant View Road to Old Clarksville Pike, and that’s the area where Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department deputies spiked the driver’s car, getting all four tires.

Then, the 22-year-old was seen driving back and forth across the double yellow, headed back toward Pleasant View.

Dashcam video showed the BMW driving on rims, barely doing 20 miles per hour as one of the car’s tires fell off.

When Russell still refused to stop in a high-traffic area surrounded by intersections and convenience stores, Pleasant View police officers bumped his BMW, attempting to pull him over.

The officer did this maneuver twice.

Within moments, the driver pulled into a parking spot and the officer drove his vehicle’s push bar into the side of the car to keep Russell from driving away again.

On the body cam video, you can see the officers execute a felony takedown, eventually bringing the 25-minute chase to a conclusion.

Officers pulled the crying driver out of the car through the passenger side of the car.

Once in the back of the squad car, while officers were reading the suspect his rights, Russell had plenty to say.

Officer: “You have the right to speak to an attorney…”

Russell: “I have a speech impediment.”

Officer: “…and to have an attorney present during questioning. Are you willing to answer any questions without an attorney present?”

Russell: “I am an attorney.”

Officer: “You are an attorney?”

Russell: “Yes.”

Officer: “How much have you had to drink tonight?”

Russell: “I haven’t had anything to drink.”

Officer: “I can smell the alcohol on you.”

Russell: “You know what? I believe in Jesus Christ.”

Officer: “Okay, what did you throw out of the car on Pleasant View Road?”

Russell: “I threw a cigarette out of the car.”

Officer: “That was a lot bigger than a cigarette, man.”

Russell: “Okay, I threw a grenade out of the car.”

Officer: “What is your name?”

Russell: “Methamphetamine.”

Officer: “Your name is Methamphetamine?”

Russell: “Seth.”

Officer: “Seth, what is your date of birth?”

Russell: “Why do I need to tell you?”

Officer: “Well, because you are under arrest.”

Russell: “Under arrest? I need to take a rest. You hit my car? I can’t respect you. That is my car, my baby. It’s always been my baby. Whoever hit my car is going to hell.”

Russell was taken to the Cheatham County Jail and is charged with DUI, tampering with evidence, reckless driving and evading arrest.

He refused News 2’s request for an interview.

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News 2 did some digging and according to police records, when he was 19, a Metro police officer found Russell behind a Bellevue shooting range allegedly pulling on the door.

Ultimately Russell was charged with public intoxication, possession of Xanax and marijuana and also domestic assault in connection with that arrest.